KAWANISHI HIDE  (1894-1965). Circus. (Sold)

KAWANISHI HIDE (1894-1965). Circus. (Sold)

Artist: Kawanishi Hide (1894-1965)
Title: Circus. One volume, complete.
Date: Showa 9 (1934)
Publisher: Hirai Hiroshi, Hanga So.
Size: 31x23 cm.
Medium: Wooblock press printed.
Literature: nihon no hanga Museum. Nostalgia and Modernity. The styles of Komura Settai and Kawanishi Hide. Amstedam 2012, p.13-20.
Remarks: The book is printed in very thick paper and is illustrated on twelve pages with images of Circus, a favorite subject of the artist. The inside front cover reports the text in German of a letter to Kawanishi Hide from Carl Hagenbeck owner of the Hagenbeck Circus.
Conditions: Some age soiling and light stain on the back cover otherwise good conditions.
Item no: MX 23
Status: Sold