TORAJI  (1875-1964). Reading. (Sold)

TORAJI (1875-1964). Reading. (Sold)

Artist: Ishikawa Toraji (1875-1964)
Subject: A young woman reading seated on a carpet.
Title: Dokusho
Series: Rajo jusshu (Ten types of female nudes).
Signature: Ishikawa, artist seal Tora.
Date: 1935 ca.
Publisher: Published by the artist.
Block-cutter: Seal Kazue Yamagishi to. Printer seal Urushibara Eijiro.
Size: Dai-ōban, 48,5x37,5 cm
Medium: Woodblock color print.
Literature: Another example is illustrated in Newland and Hamanaka. The Female Image: 20th century Japanese prints of beauties, Leiden 2000, p. 172, n. 245.
Remarks: With watermark Ishikawa Toraji at the lower right, an important indicator of a lifetime impression. With original protective tissue paper cover.
Conditions: Fine impression with mica, fine color and conditions.
Item no: G 217
Status: Sold