SHŪTEI  (1810–1858). A tea cup and tray. (Sold)

SHŪTEI (1810–1858). A tea cup and tray. (Sold)

Artist: Tanaka Shūtei (1810-1858)
Subject: A tea cup decorate with a stork and a tray with sweets.
Signature: Unidentified artist seal.
Date: 1850 ca.
Publisher: Privately published.
Size: Chuban tate-e, 19x25,6 cm.
Medium: Woodblock color print
Remarks: Tanaka Shūtei, known for several surimono, was a pupil of the Shijō school artist, Ueda Kōcho.
Conditions: Three vertical folds, common for this kind of surimono, very good colour and conditions.
Item no: D 99
Status: Sold