EISEN  (1790-1848). Buyu sakigake zue

EISEN (1790-1848). Buyu sakigake zue

Artist: Keisai Eisen (1790-1848)
Title: Buyu sakigake zue. Two volumes, complete.
Date: ca. 1840-50
Publisher: Eirakuya Toshiro, Nagoya.
Size: 23x15,5 cm.
Medium: Woodblock printing.
Literature: Matthi Forrer. Eirakuya Toshiro Publisher at Nagoya. Amsterdam: J.C. Gieben Publisher.1985. This impression is not recorded by Forrer and should be E3/40.
Remarks: A fine set of the warriors books by Eisen complete with the rare original color book-wrapper (fukuro). The two volumes contain 74 pages illustrated in B/w. Colophon dated Tempo 9 (1838), probabbly this impression is of few years later.
Conditions: Very good impression and conditions.
Item no: M 11
Price: Euro 1100
Status: Available