SHIMA SEIEN  (1892-1970) et al. Painting album.

SHIMA SEIEN (1892-1970) et al. Painting album.

Artist: Shima Seien (1892-1970) et al.
Title: Untitled set of two albums of paintings.
Date: Dating from from 1890 to 1950 ca.
Size: Orihon albums, 28,5x18 cm.
Medium: Painting on paper. Black ink and colour.
Remarks: A collector's two albums set of ink paintings on paper by various painters from the Osaka area. Among the artists are Fukuda Chokujo (1861-1947), Shima Seien (1892-1970), Morikawa Sobun (1847-1902) and Nakagawa Wado (1880-?). The two volumes contain 39 paintings and 2 pages of calligraphy.
Conditions: Brocade covers slightly rubbed otherwise very good conditions.
Item no: M 420
Price: Euro 1100
Status: Available