HOZAN  (1875-1920). Album of paintings. (Sold)

HOZAN (1875-1920). Album of paintings. (Sold)

Artist: Uejima Hozan (1875-1920)
Title: Untitled.
Description: A fine large album with twelve paintings on silk probably related to the twelve months. Each painting is signed Hozan with artist’s seal. The subjects are: Travelling sambaso dancers, Boys with kite, Ohara woman with horse, Women gathering shells, Children with hobby-horse, Bijin on the veranda, Country dancers, Woman and child, Woman with kinuta, Geisha and attendant, Boys and snow-puppet, Man firing a kiln.
Signature: Each painting signed Hozan and artist seal.
Date: 1900 ca.
Size: One orihon album of paintings, complete, 42x32 cm.
Medium: Painting on silk.
Remarks: Hozan was a painter from Osaka. By the time he died he was equally famous as Uemura Shoen (1875-1949) but unjustly soon forgotten.
Conditions: Fine conditions.
Item no: MG 479
Status: Sold