FURUYA KORIN  (1875-1910).  Kogei no bi. (Sold)

FURUYA KORIN (1875-1910). Kogei no bi. (Sold)

Artist: Furuya Korin (1875-1910)
Title: Kogei no bi (The beauty of craft). Three orihon volumes, complete.
Description: The three volumes comprise a total of 75 finely printed plates featuring models for vases, incense burners, boxes for writing utensils and other lacquer objects
Date: Meiji 41 (1908)
Publisher: Yamada Naosaburo, Unsodo, Kyoto.
Size: 32x22 cm
Medium: Color woodblock printing with use of metal pigments, gofun and blind printing.
Remarks: Furuya Korin, a student of Kamisaka Sekka, was a well known painter, illustrator and designer in Kyoto. In his style he merged the decorative motifs of the Rimpa school with those of the European Art Nouveau.
Conditions: Exceptional print quality. Original cloth portfolio with paper title slip. In very good condition.
Item no: MP 68
Status: Sold