TACHIBANA SAYUME  (1892-1970). Spider tattoo. (Sold)

TACHIBANA SAYUME (1892-1970). Spider tattoo. (Sold)

Artist: Tachibana Sayume (1892-1970)
Subject: A woman with a big spider tattooed on his body.
Title: Kōya no Hijiri (The Saint of Mount Kōya)
Signature: Signed by the artist.
Date: 1923.
Publisher: Yaka Isō Gabō.
Size: 39x24 cm.
Medium: Black and white lithograph.
Remarks: Tachibana Sayume was a painter active during Taisho and Showa periods who designed several series of prints, inspired by ancient tales, in a style reminiscent of Aubrey Beardsley.
Conditions: Very good conditions.
Item no: G 202
Status: Sold