HATA TSUNEHARU  (1883-?) Uozaki

HATA TSUNEHARU (1883-?) Uozaki

Artist: Hata Tsuneharu (1883-?)
Subject: Uozaki. A farmer, hid wife and two children seated by the roadside eating their lunch.
Series: Hanshin Meisho zue (Pictures of famous places in Hanshin). Print no. 9.
Signature: Artist seal
Date: Taishō 5 (1916).
Publisher: Kanao Bunendō, Tokyo.
Medium: Woodblock color print.
Literature: Jack Hillier, The Art of the Japanese Book. London, 1987. pag. 1007-8. Scott Johnson. 'Sketch-tour Books and Prints of the Early Twentieth Century' in Andon 37. Leiden, 1991, pag. 28-30
Remarks: Print no. 9. from the most famous and ambitious work of the "sketch-tour books" popular in Japan in the early twentieth century. The series comprises a table of contents, a map and 30 large-format woodblock prints of views of places in the area of Osaka and Kobe (Hanshin). The prints are the work of five artists: Akamatsu Rinsaku (1878-1953), Noda Kyūhō (1879 -1971), Hata Tsuneharu (1883 -?), Mizushima Nihou (1884-1958) and Hyōsai Nagai (1882-1945). The printing woodblocks and all copies in storage at the publisher’s house were destroyed in the great Kanto earthquake of 1923.
Conditions: Good impression and color, paper slightly toned, good conditions.
Item no: F 126
Price: Euro 120
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