SHIGENOBU  (1787 ?- 1833). Two courtesans. (Sold)

SHIGENOBU (1787 ?- 1833). Two courtesans. (Sold)

Artist: Yanagawa Shigenobu (1787 ?- 1833)
Subject: Two ladies wearing a yukata.
Series: From the poetry album Kyoka momochidori (Kyoka and One Hundred Birds).
Signature: Unsigned as all plates from the album.
Size: Aiban yoko-e, 21,6x28,7 cm.
Literature: Roger Keyes. The Art of Surimono. 2 voll.. London, 1985, no. 397.
Remarks: This plate is from the first edition. Later impressions omitting the kyoka poems and showing wear from the woodblocks are known.
Conditions: Surimono like deluxe quality printing, fine impression and colours with metallic pigments, one small hole restored outside the printed area otherwise very good conditions, full size.
Item no: B 264
Status: Sold