KOSON  (1877-1945). Wheatear. (Sold)

KOSON (1877-1945). Wheatear. (Sold)

Artist: Ohara Koson(1877-1945)
Subject: Wheatear and bamboo.
Signature: Koson. Artist seal.
Date: ca. 1930
Publisher: Kokkeido (Akiyama Buemon)
Size: Oban, 39,3X19 cm
Literature: Another example is illustrated in Newland, Perrée, Schaap, Crows Cranes & Camellias the natural world of Ohara Koson 1877-1945. Leiden 2001, color plate no. 158, checklist no. S14.6
Conditions: Fine impression, colour and conditions
Item no: H 56
Status: Sold