TOYOKUNI  (1769-1825). Along the Sumida. (Sold)

TOYOKUNI (1769-1825). Along the Sumida. (Sold)

Artist: Utagawa Toyokuni (1769-1825)
Subject: Two ladies and one man walking along the embankment of the Sumida River approaching the Ryōgoku bridge in Edo.
Signature: Toyokuni ga.
Date: ca. 1791-93
Publisher: Nishimuraya Yohachi (Eijudō)
Size: Oban tate-e, 38,2x25,7 cm. Last left sheet of a pentaptych.
Medium: Woodblock color print
Literature: The complete five prints composition is illustrated in Narazaki Muneshige (editor). Ukiyo-e masterpieces in European collections. 12 voll. Tokyo: Kodansha. 1988-90. Vol. 7, (Musée Guimet), n. 96.
Conditions: Fine impression and color, some small restorations, very good conditions.
Item no: B 384
Status: Sold