HOKKEI  (1780-1850). A bridge in the country. (Sold)

HOKKEI (1780-1850). A bridge in the country. (Sold)


Artist: Totoya Hokkei (1780-1850)
Subject: A bridge in the country. In the sky a group of birds in flight.
Description: A large surimono from the Hokkei early period signed with a rarely used full signature.
Signature: Totoya Hokkei ga.
Date: 1806 ca.
Publisher: Privately published.
Size: Large surimono complete with the poems part, Ō-bōsho-ban 37,5x52 cm.
Medium: Woodblock color print.
Remarks: Collector seals of Samuel Tuke (1855-1938). Tuke was a member of the Japan Society of London. In 1907 he sold many prints to the British Museum. Other 790 lots were sold by Sotheby's in 1911.
Conditions: Very good impression, colour and conditions.
Item no: D 153
Status: Sold