GAKUTEI  (1786? - 1868). A bijin as Hotei. (Sold)

GAKUTEI (1786? - 1868). A bijin as Hotei. (Sold)

Artist: Yashima Gakutei (1786? - 1868)
Subject: A bijin with a doll of a Chinese boy. The subject is associated to Hotei, one of the Seven Gods of Good Fortune, often depicted with a large sack and Chinese childrens around.
Title: Hotei
Series: Mitate Shichifukujin (Parallels to the Seven Gods of Good Fortune).
Signature: Gakutei
Date: ca. 1825
Publisher: Privately published for the circle of poets Shippō.
Size: Surimono shikishiban, 21x18,9 cm.
Medium: Woodblock color print with extensive use of metallic pigments and blind printing.
Literature: Another impression is illustrated and described in detail in John Carpenter (editor), Reading Surimono the interplay of Text and Image in Japanese Prints. Leiden 2008, pag.178, 51.
Remarks: A rare original surimono often found as a copy from the Meiji period. Among other details the original differs from the copy for the stamped signature instead of printed.
Conditions: Very good impression, colour and conditions.
Item no: E 154
Status: Sold