SADAHIDE  (1807-1873). Tora Gozen. (Sold)

SADAHIDE (1807-1873). Tora Gozen. (Sold)

Artist: Utagawa Sadahide (1807-1873)
Subject: Tora Gozen flees during a starry night.
Series: Kō teijo kagami (Mirror of virtuous women)
Signature: Gyokuransai Sadahide ga
Date: 1843-46 circa
Publisher: Yamaguchi Tobei
Size: Ōban tate-e, cm 37,1x25,5.
Medium: Woodblock color print.
Literature: The series is listed in Andreas Marks, Publishers of Japanese Woodblock Prints: A Compendium. Amsterdam 2010, p. 351.
Conditions: Fine impression, colour and conditions.
Item no: B 178
Status: Sold