EISHI  (1756-1829). Two bijin. (Sold)

EISHI (1756-1829). Two bijin. (Sold)

Artist: Hosoda Eishi (1756-1829)
Subject: Two different subjects printed on one sheet. On the right a lady with a cage with little mouses. On the left another lady with a miniature "Stroking Ox" on a cushion.
Description: This print is an impression from the key block of two chuban size prints printed on one sheet. It was produced to carve the color blocks and, at the bottom corners are the two kento marks to have the printing on register. They were destined to be destroyed in the engraving process of the color woodblocks and for this reason they are rare. The series is recorded by Brandt in his monographs on Eishi but not these two subjects.
Series: Kaiun nanatsu me awase (A collection of seven felicitous thing).
Signature: Eishi zu
Date: 1790 ca. Kiwame seal.
Publisher: Nishimuraya. Eijudo.
Size: 23,5x34 cm. Uncut sheet for two chuban size prints.
Medium: Woodblock print.
Literature: Two other designs from the series are in Klaus J. Brandt, Hosoda Eishi (1756-1829), der japanische Maler und Holzschnittmeister und seine Schüler. Stuttgart 1977, no. 289 and 290. Described on p.150, illustrated as plate no. 114 and 115 on plate page 8.
Conditions: Fine impression. Printed on thin paper pasted on a slightly larger sheet of paper. Tiny defects otherwise very good conditions.
Item no: CV01
Status: Sold