GAKUTEI  (1786?-1868). Koshi. (Sold)

GAKUTEI (1786?-1868). Koshi. (Sold)


Artist: Yashima Gakutei (1786?-1868)
Subject: The Chinese philosopher Koshi
Series: Uji shui monogatari (Additional tales by Uji Dainagon). Seven designs are presently know from this series.
Signature: Gakutei
Date: 1829
Publisher: Privately printed for the poets' group Katsushika.
Size: Surimono shikishiban, 21x18,3 cm.
Medium: Woodblock color print
Literature: Other examples are illustrated in Shugo Asano. Cultivated Gift: Surimono of the Edo Period. Chiba, 1997, no. 105 and in Matthi Forrer. Surimono in the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. Leiden 2013, n. 464.
Remarks: The Chinese philosopher is Koshi (Confucius) and is depicted talking to a boy. In the background the sun rises over a waterfall. Two poems by Bunso Kaori and Bunbusha (1780-1837). The print title is Hassai no ko Koshi no mondo (Dispute between an eight-year old boy and Confucius).
Conditions: Fine impression, very good colour and conditions.
Item no: D 69
Price: Sold
Status: Sold