GOSEI  (fl. 1810-20 ca.). A woman with a baby. (Sold)

GOSEI (fl. 1810-20 ca.). A woman with a baby. (Sold)

Artist: Sunayama Gosei (active 1810-20 ca.)
Subject: A woman holding a baby on a balcony. She is holding a long stick and looking at a kite trapped on a branch of a plum tree. The subject is associated with the Chinese general Zhao Yun.
Series: Shoku go ko ( Five Tigers of the Kingdom of Shu)
Signature: Hokuga ga
Date: Probably 1806, year of the tiger.
Publisher: Privately published.
Size: Surimono, 19,3x10,5 cm
Medium: Woodblock color print with use of gold pigments.
Remarks: Another impression is illustrated in John Carpenter (editor), Reading Surimono the interplay of Text and Image in Japanese Prints. Leiden 2008, p. 192-3, no. 68 and in Joan B. Mirviss. The Frank Lloyd Wright Collection of Surimono. New York 1995, p. 205, no. 88.
Conditions: Good impression, colour and condition.
Item no: D 161
Status: Sold