SHINSAI  (1764-1820). Incense game tools. (Sold)

SHINSAI (1764-1820). Incense game tools. (Sold)

Artist: RYŪRYŪKYO SHINSAI (1764-1820)
Subject: Still life with utensils for the incense game: a lacquer box, a metal container with tools used to cut the 
incense wood, two open envelopes of embossed paper and a ceramic ash pot decorated in blue.
Signature: Shinsai. Poems signed Kashūtei Kurimaro and Senshurō.
Date: ca. 1810’s.
Publisher: Privately published
Size: Kokonotsugiriban surimono, 13,8x18,5 cm.
Medium: Woodblock color print with blind printing and metallic pigments.
Literature: Illustrated in our catalog, Surimono. Poetic Images in Japanese Prints. New Acquisitions June 2022, no. 20.
Remarks: Another impression is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, no. JP2341
Conditions: Very good impression and color, some slight thinning, good conditions.
Item no: D 423
Status: Sold