HOKKEI  (1780-1850). Fishes and scroll. (Sold)

HOKKEI (1780-1850). Fishes and scroll. (Sold)

Artist: TOTOYA HOKKEI (1780-1850)
Title: Urikai ( Buying and selling)
Description: Two fishes and a scroll painting. A sea bream (tai) and a tilefish (amadai), presented on a large ceramic platter near a partially unrolled scroll painting depicting Ebisu, the fisherman from the Seven Gods of Good Fortune, patron deity of merchants.
Series: Eighteen illustrations for Staircase of Ancient World (Kogentei Jūhachiban tsuzuki )
Signature: Signed Hokkei on the scroll. Poems signed Kenchōtei Fusako and Shinratei.
Date: 1831, Year of Rabbit.
Publisher: Privately published by the Manji-ren of the Katsushika group
Size: Shikishiban surimono, 20,6x18 cm
Medium: Woodblock color print with blind printing and metal pigments.
Literature: Illustrated in our catalog, Surimono. Poetic Images in Japanese Prints. New Acquisitions June 2022, no. 27. Other impressions are illustrated in Schmidt, Steffi and Setsuko Kuwabara. Surimono. Kostbare Japanische Farbholzschnitte aus dem Museum für Ostasiatische Kunst. Berlin: Dietrich Reimer Verlag, 1990. , cat. no. 40, Mirviss 2000, no. 53 and Aitken, Geneviève, Surimono Trésors de l’estampe japonaise. Paris: In fine éditions d’art, 2019. , p. 124 where the poems are translated.
Conditions: Good impression and color, one small restoration and some thinning on reverse otherwise good conditions.
Item no: D 376
Status: Sold