SHUNMAN  (1757–1820). Lobster and hamayumi. (Sold)

SHUNMAN (1757–1820). Lobster and hamayumi. (Sold)

Artist: KUBO SHUNMAN (1757-1820)
Subject: Lobster and objects for the New Year.
Description: A lobster, symbolizing longevity, a leaf shape 
fan and a bow and arrows.
 Miniature bow and arrow (hamayumi) were often given as gifts to celebrate the first New Year of a male baby’s life.
Signature: Artist’s seal Shunman.Poems signed Son’anju and Shōgendō.

Date: ca. 1810
Publisher: Privately published
Size: Kokonotsugiriban surimono, 13,8x20,5 cm.
Medium: Woodblock color print with blind printing and metallic pigments.
Literature: Illustrated in our catalog, Surimono. Poetic Images in Japanese Prints. New Acquisitions June 2022, no. 12.
Remarks: Collector’s seal of Theodor Scheiwe (1897-1983) on verso.
 Another impression is in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, no. JP2221.
Item no: D 396
Status: Sold