EISEN  (1790-1848). A geisha. (Sold)

EISEN (1790-1848). A geisha. (Sold)

Artist: Keisai Eisen (1790-1848)
Subject: A geisha with a the samisen case.
Series: Tosei (or) Imayo sanjurokkasen
Signature: Unsigned as all prints in the series.
Date: ca. 1825
Size: Koban surimono style, 19x12,5 cm
Medium: Woodblock color print with use of metallic pigments.
Literature: For a discussion of this series of surimono see Chris Uhlenbeck, Commercially produced surimono, in The Poetic Image, Leiden 1987, p.17-19.
Conditions: Fine impression and color, the paper slightly toned otherwise fine conditions
Item no: D 132
Status: Sold