TOYOHIRO  (1773-1828). Dreaming Mount Fuji

TOYOHIRO (1773-1828). Dreaming Mount Fuji

Artist: Utagawa Toyohiro (1773–1828)
Subject: A bijin fell asleep reading and dreams of Mount Fuji. Behind her a samisen and on her desk a song book.
Series: From an untitled series of three prints referring to the hatsuyume, the good auspice belief of the New Year First Dream.
Signature: Toyohiro ga
Date: 1801-1818 ca.
Size: Shikishiban, 19,3x17 cm
Medium: Woodblock color print.
Literature: The three prints of the series are illustrated in Inada Takerō and Tanaka Haruko, Ukiyo-e avant-garde / Ukiyoe avangyarudo to gendai, Tokyo 2003, no. 39
Conditions: Good impression, color and condition.
Item no: D 457
Price: Euro 750
Status: Available