SHINSAI  (1764 ?-1820). "Chikusagai". (Sold)

SHINSAI (1764 ?-1820). "Chikusagai". (Sold)

Artist: Ryuryukyo Shinsai (1764 ?-1820)
Subject: A woman and two children collecting herbs.
Series: Kasen awase (A series of shells).The print refers to the shell "Chikusagai".
Signature: Shinsai
Date: 1809
Publisher: Privately printed for the poets' circle Yomogawa.
Size: Surimono, 13,8x18,6 cm.
Medium: Woodblock color print
Remarks: The series is composed of thirty-six surimono each associated to a shell. The set was commissioned by the group of poets Yomogawa chaired by Yomo no Utagaki Magao (1753-1829).
Conditions: Fine impression, colours slightly faded otherwise good conditions.
Item no: D 97
Status: Sold