SADAHIDE  (1807-1873). Warriors struggling. (Sold)

SADAHIDE (1807-1873). Warriors struggling. (Sold)

Artist: Utagawa Sadahide (1807-1873)
Subject: Iwanari Chikara no Suke and Shimozu Gonnai struggling in the water.
Series: Eimei Kumiuchi Soroi (Series of famous fighting warriors).
Signature: Gountei Sadahide ga
Date: 1865 seventh month.Censor seal aratame incorporating the zodiac symbol of the ox and the numbering of the month.
Size: Oban tate-e, 37x25 cm.
Medium: Woodblock color print.
Conditions: Very good impression, color and conditions.
Item no: C 357
Status: Sold