KIYU  (active ca. 1880). Honnoji. (Sold)

KIYU (active ca. 1880). Honnoji. (Sold)

Artist: Fugawa Kiyu (active ca. 1880)
Subject: The night attack to Nobunaga at Honnoji.
Description: The scene depicts the night attack at Honnoji, on the right Mori Ranmaru blood stained is fighting an enemy from the army of Mitsuhide while Oda no Nobunaga is escaping through the flame.
Signature: Fugawa Kiyu ga.
Date: Meiji 17 (1884)
Publisher: Unread
Size: Oban triptych, 37x25 cm. each sheet.
Medium: Woodblock color print.
Remarks: Kiyu is a rare artist from the Meiji period.
Conditions: Very good impression and colour, good conditions.
Item no: C 434
Status: Sold