Nō actor in the role of Inari. (Sold)

Nō actor in the role of Inari. (Sold)

Ivory netsuke depicting an actor in the role of Inari the Fox God. The actor is kneeling and in his right hand holds a swordsmith hammer behind his back while holding the kimono sleeve with his left. On his head he wears a hat with the figure of the fox. The character is related to the theatrical drama that sees Inari go to assist the swordsmith Kokaji Munechika to make a sword for the Emperor. The netsuke is finely carved and with a nice patina.
The signature is engraved on a red lacquer tablet.


Signed Yoshiyuki (?)

夜 之


Meiji Period (1850-1912)


Height 4 cm.


Price: Euro 1500


Status: Sold




Item no. N 178