Michael Webb (1934-2009). Squirrel. (Sold)

Michael Webb (1934-2009). Squirrel. (Sold)


A boxwood netsuke depicting a squirrel seated on a tree branch. The eyes inlaid in dark horn, signed on the bottom with a monogram. Michael Webb (1934-2009), after a brilliant career at Sotheby's London as director of the furniture and textiles departments, started to carve netsuke in 1960's encouraged by Giuseppe Eskenazi. In 1978 Eskenazi published a catalogue with twenty of his fine netsuke and in 1983 The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, presented the catalogue "Michael Webb An English Carver of Netsuke" edited by Oliver Impey, with forty-two netsuke depicting different mammals, fish, insects and amphibians. 

Signed: MJW


ca. 1980


Height  3,9 cm.



Status: Sold




Item no. N 187