Bronze vase by Yasumi Nakajima II. (Sold)

Bronze vase by Yasumi Nakajima II. (Sold)



A fine ikebana vase of trumpet form, model “Tomoe” by Yasumi Nakajima II 

二代中島保美 (1906 – 1988), an art name used by Nakajima Mitsuo, who also used the name of Nakajima Yoshio.
Original box (tomobako) signed and sealed by the artist. 


Three generations of the Yasumi family were active in Osaka as metal artists. 
Their vases favored the richly colored purple-red bronze (seido).

Yasumi Nakajima II exhibited at the Shin-Bunten, Hoshukuten and after the war at the Nitten.


Signed on the bottom with impressed signature Yasumi


20th century


25x9 cm. 



Price: Euro 750

Status: Sold





Item no. BR 15