NAKAMURA FUSETSU  (1866-1943) et al. (Sold)

NAKAMURA FUSETSU (1866-1943) et al. (Sold)

Artist: Nakamura Fusetsu (1866-1943), Ishii Hakutei, Ota Saburo and other twenty-seven artists.
Title: Gendai haiga shu. One volume, complete.
Description: Gendai haiga shu (Collection of modern haiga). One volume, complete, from a series of four books associated to the four seasons. This volume is for winter.
Date: Taisho 6 (1917)
Publisher: Haiga-do.
Size: Japanese style binding, 25x16,5 cm
Medium: Woodblock color printing.
Literature: The book is fully described in Charles H. Mitchell, The Illustrated Books of the Nanga, Maruyama, Shijo and Other Related Schools of Japan. Los Angeles: Dawson's Book Shop, 1972, p. 266.
Remarks: A book of haiku poems with 30 fine colour illustrations each one from a different artist.
Conditions: Fine impression, colour and conditions, complete of original paper wrapper.
Item no: M 104
Status: Sold