TANIGAMI KONAN  (1879-1928). Seiyo Soka Zufu. (Sold)

TANIGAMI KONAN (1879-1928). Seiyo Soka Zufu. (Sold)

Artist: Tanigami Konan (1879-1928)
Title: Seiyo Soka Zufu. Five volumes, complete.
Date: Taisho 6 (1917).
Publisher: Unsodo, Kyoto.
Size: Five orihon volumes, 27,8x 18,8 cm.
Medium: Woodblock color printing.
Literature: Dover Publications, Japanese Woodblock Prints - Tanigami Konan. New York, 2008.
Remarks: A complete set of five books on western flowers with 125 plates. Two volumes are devoted to the spring flowers, two for summer and the final volume for the fall and winter. A very good copy of the original edition.
Conditions: Very good.
Item no: MK 10
Status: Sold