GAKUTEI  (1786?-1868). Kyoka rakuga sanjurokkasen. (Sold)

GAKUTEI (1786?-1868). Kyoka rakuga sanjurokkasen. (Sold)

Artist: Yashima Gakutei (1786?-1868)
Title: Kyoka ryakuga sanjurokkasen. One volume, complete.
Date: 1831
Publisher: Senritei (Ogiya Risuke), Osaka.
Size:  22x15,5 cm.
Literature: Louise Norton Brown. Block Printing and Book Illustration in Japan. London: George Routledge & Sons Ltd. 1924, p. 191.
Remarks: A rare poetry book for the thirty-six kyoka poets with an introductory part with three landscapes and three other illustrations in colour signed by Gakutei followed by thirty-six portraits of kyoka poets. Final page with colophon.
Conditions: Good impression, colour and condition.
Item no: MHS 2
Status: Sold